America Rises

The sun always rises, but today is a new day…with renewed hope. Godspeed to our new President Joseph Biden & new Madame VP Kamala Harris.

Americans did it, we all came together to ensure this vital change happened on this day. A rejection of the turmoil, hatred, divisiveness, and incompetence of the last four years. A show of triumph and a return to normalcy after the repulsive and shocking attack on the Capitol just 2 weeks ago. A violent attack by an extremist mob ordered by outgoing “President” Donald Trump in an effort to overthrow our democracy. The many months of false claims about election fraud, and the incitive and provocative words that came out of his mouth to a crowd full of people during his own rally outside of the White House on the morning of January 6th are what led to that attack. Five people were killed, including a police officer, and the blood is on his hands. His rally, and the subsequent mob attack at the Capitol, were efforts to stop Congress from confirming Joe Biden as the next president. Today’s inauguration and peaceful transfer of power proves that those efforts failed, that our democracy prevailed, and that our country moves forward.

As far as that previous occupant of the White House goes, history will not be kind to treasonous Trump. The worst president in our nation’s history. He must be held accountable for the crimes he committed while in office as President. He is about to face his historic 2nd impeachment trial in the Senate and, with any luck, 1st of many convictions. I sincerely hope our nation has learned from its mistakes, and will no longer allow a disaster like what we’ve witnessed the past 4 years to happen again going forward. No more mentally ill, narcissistic, delusional demagogue megalomaniac pathological liars who happen to be white supremacists should be allowed any path to become the most powerful person on earth. It’s abundantly clear to me that he buddied up to foreign murderous dictators like Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin because he envies their power, and tried his best to turn our wonderful democracy into an autocracy so he could be more like them. As much as he would have loved to be crowned King Trump, unfortunately for him as of today, January 20th, 2021, his reign is over. What is scary is that for the delusional maniacs that still avidly support him, the con continues. Let’s just hope that if this con continues, which is very likely, it does not lead to any further crimes or violence.

What do you think?