CES 2018: That’s All Folks!

The 2018 iteration of the Consumer Electronics Show has now come and gone.  The one recurring theme throughout most of the companies that were showcasing at the expo was that Artificial Intelligence, and voice assistants, were rampantly being implemented into the tech of most smart products.  Based on how the landscape is trending, It would not be a stretch to say that we can expect to see many more fully automated homes in the near future.  A few of the standouts from this year’s showcase:

1.  Samsung’s “The Wall” – a 146 inch behemoth modular MicroLED TV with a stunning visual display that may very well be a glimpse into how we watch TV in the future.

2.  LG’s rollable 4K OLED 65″ TV that can ‘fold’ into its base for easy hiding when not in use.

3.  SONY’s Aibo is a robotic dog that features some of the most advanced AI and robotic parts to date.  It simulates the experience of training and raising a puppy, and will supply its owners with countless hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

4.  HTC unveiled it’s new HTC Vive Pro virtual reality headset that offers 78% increased resolution over the current generation headset and features improved audio quality as well.

5.  The world’s first solar-powered smartwatch was unveiled.  What the new Casio G-Shock Rangeman smartwatch lacks in looks and sophistication it makes up for in durability, ruggedness, solar-powered charging, and great GPS navigation.  At $800 USD, it also makes it one of the more expensive smartwatch options in the market.


For a detailed rundown of the 2018 CES, check out Techradar’s article @  https://www.techradar.com/news/ces-2018

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  1. Vyache says:

    Hi, we met in UberX! Wow. Lots of technology! I like the HTC. I haven’t tried the pro! It reminds me of a drawing I worked on recently. Great Job! 👌

    • Bored To Life says:

      Hey man, thanks for the follow and comment! I followed you back… Nice site! I haven’t been active on here at all for a long time, but it’s a new year…new blog. Happy New Year my friend, cheers! PS – hope that VT ski trip was awesome!

      • Vyache says:

        Love the name of your blog. Looking forward to seeing more interesting content! Interestingly, the post on Asian actress fantastic. It reminds me of a story and artwork. Great to see your still posting on your blog! Good work. 👌

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